A Process Story: BanhMi-Ni

Pork chashu banh mi | Phi Tran
A pork chashu banh mi | Photo by Phi Tran

Week 0: Project Agreement

While I put together a project schedule and agreement, I went ahead and drew up a few mood-boards based on initial conversations we had. Insights from our conversations included some goals and how Tu wanted the name spelled, capitalized, and if we were to include any supportive text such as “sandwiches”.

We ended up going with “sandwiches” as support text


A great way to jumpstart a design conversation with clients is by using mood-boards. Mood-boards can get you and your client focused on specific design elements. It’s also fun! Just look at how popular Pinterest is.

Yum! I’d eat those colors
Tu’s favorite logos, all capitalized san-serif fonts!

Week 1: Sketch Phase

We discussed the mood-boards and ideas we wanted to focus on in the initial sketch phase. We liked the idea of focusing on the sandwich and a few key ingredients. I first explored jalapeños, both full profile and sliced views. Then I explored the sandwich itself, focusing on the long baguette. Lastly, cilantro.

There are only a few sketches above without iconography. Can you spot them?

Week 2: Logo Options Phase

We reviewed the exploratory sketches and decided to forgo using iconography because Tu really liked the direction of sketches I had slipped in which had no iconography. The sketch he was most fond had both a sans-serif and a script typeface set within an oval shape. The other sketch he liked was also script, which I had set on a 30 degree angled slant.

Week 3: Revise Logo Phase

Tu loved two of the sketches with script typography and couldn’t decide which one he liked best. Both used the idea of a round baguette shape and both had sans-serif support text below the script typography. One had all the elements including the 30 degree slant. We agreed on revising the two logo options he liked best for further discussion.

Week 4: Finalization Phase

Of the two revised logos, Tu was really fond of the option with the 30 degree slant. We agreed to finalize the option and take a look at color, minor tweaks to the typography, and shape.

Some of the color and baguette shape options
Let’s get Banh-Mi-Ni!

Pop-Up Details

If you’re in the Oakland California area, give Chef Tu’s pop-up a try. They’re now serving pho as well!



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