Direct Deposit Setup

Status of a Successful DD


Since the debit card’s launch, MoneyLion processes more than one million transactions daily and handles all processed payments through a mobile app. Customer dollars flow into the MoneyLion ecosystem via an investment account’s monthly membership payments, an add funds flow, and direct deposit setup.


Customers were funding their MoneyLion Checking account through add funds flow, but direct deposit setup was low.

Add funds button


I asked the analytics team to pull customer data based on certain criteria; for example; Give me the names and phone numbers of customers who have successfully set up direct deposit in the last 30days.

Original flow consists of form creation and management

“I have my direct deposit set up to a different bank account”

Other Findings

“I haven’t had the time, but I will.”

Customers are more likely to set up direct deposit when they go through our cash advance product, Instacash which requires direct deposit setup to their MoneyLion account.

Defining Scope

While continuing to leverage the existing Instacash hook to get customers to switch DD over to our bank, we came up with goals to improve the direct deposit setup experience.

MVP doesn’t provide enrollment process statuses
Solution with the most effort, does provide enrollment process statuses


Each proposed solution was tested against our customer goals.

Selecting Employer was found to be a better experience than selecting Payroll Provider
Selecting Employer was found to be a better experience than selecting a Payroll Provider
With the last solution, users could see progress of their DD switch


We went through a bunch of iterations on not just the different flow solutions as discussed above, but also the little details within each flow were also iterated on;

  • How the postDDsubmit status would be displayed. I tested different prototyped statuses which included animations.
  • What the received postDDsubmit response messages would say. I tested with the UX writer to create more user-friendly messages which would be displayed with each status.
The status changes from the date submitted to “processing”, “sent”, and finally “deposited”.
  • Payroll provider setup steps. During testing of our second solution, we found customers appreciated payroll provider setup steps with added copy-paste functionality to save their account and routing number information prior to entering this information in the PP login flow
We also iterated the layout at the top for future a/b incentive testing.


We found customers are more likely to set up direct deposit if they are applying for our free cash advance product, Instacash. We had both data and customer feedback to support this, and wondered if there were any other types of incentives to increase direct deposit setup.

We found that rewards are costly and weak incentives as opposed to gaining access to the Cash Advance product customers so desperately wanted to take advantage of.

An a/b test for campaign incentive tests


We evaluated flows using click-through prototypes and usability testing both moderated and unmoderated, prior to green-lighting for development.

Birds eye view of a flow

With the rise of automated technologies, much of manual input should be automated. Products which do things on our behalf, acting as an agent for us, decreases user error and provides more value.

Status of a Successful DD


I was the design lead for this project, from beginning to launch. This was a team effort which included working with engineers, PMs, and other creatives such as writers and marketing team members. We brought in the engineers early in the process to discuss use of the third party API for use in our 3rd solution, and to share ideas, feedback, and project constraints.


This project was mapped out with high-fidelity wireframes. We used our 2019 design system framework, so there was no focus on aesthetic or transitions in this project.



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